Sunday, December 18, 2011

Melanie's Christmas Wish List - (ongoing)

Melanie's Christmas Wish List
  • An independent coffee shop that offers free wi-fi, STRONG extra hot coffee, great tunes, lots of sunlight, access to a printer, a quiet room (similar to the quiet train on Amtrak) and some carb-free snacks.
  • My own lane on the Beltway during rush hour.
  • Speakers in my bathroom so I don't have to drag my laptop in their every time I take a bath - or a way I can actually keep my ear buds in while taking a soak. (without frying my iPhone)
  • Wi-fi at Teaism.
  • A carb-free Salty Oat cookie. (related to above - and if you've never had one you must next time you are in DC)
  • A fraction of the patience, spunk and never-give-up attitude of some of the amazing mothers and fathers I've met who love and raise a special needs child.
  • A month (or perhaps 6 weeks?) to just forget my troubles and take off to an exotic locale where I can do Teacher Training in yoga.
  • A 28 hour day because then my bedtime would be closer to y'all. 
  • A crunchy, juicy, tart granny smith apple or a plump, juicy, summer's-end sweet Georgia peach I could bite into and consume without going into anaphylactic shock.
  •  Fast twitch muscles so I can actually run as fast as I think I'm running in my own head.
  • Herman Cain announces he's rejoining the 2012 presidential race. (The Daily Show hasn't been the same without him)
  • Wi-fi at Chuck E Cheez -- c'mon Chuck E Cheez franchise owners, why haven't you figured that one out yet? It's a no brainer.  
  • A healthy internal organ for my friend.
  • A fantastic grown ups only party so I can wear my sparkly 5-inch heels again.
  • The power to extract Pennsylvania off the map so my drives to Ohio and NY would go faster. (Apologies to my friends in the Keystone state but I've grown weary of the scenic drive along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the crawl through Breezewood especially the day before Thanksgiving)
  • Buried treasure in my backyard so I can grant wishes to all the wonderful people who have helped and supported the little dude and I this past year.
  • The power to fast forward the next six months. 
A lot of these items are pipe dreams but YOU can help me check off one item.
Join Apple Moon as a member and follow me as I make my way through my crazy life. Do you know what would make me even happier? If you shared some of your thoughts so this blog is not all about me. 

So join me. In fact, tell me what's on your wish list. I'm sure I left something out.

Happy Holidays!

 - Melanie


LarryToldMeToStartABlog said...

My wish list would be the above plus -

0 PointsPlus Sauvignon Blanc

0 PointsPlus Cheese

A magical dog walker that would disappear and appear on a moments notice

Larry spending the next month doing NOTHING but home improvement projects.

The money needed to complete said home improvement projects

Melanie said...

Nice list. Your wish for a magical dog walker reminded me that I want the same but in child care -- essentially a Mary Poppins who appeared whenever I needed her. Now wouldn't that be nice.

Anonymous said...

A cure for Rett Syndrome
And more time to spend with friends